Sunday, 5 June 2011

And when my fevered lips were parched ....

.. on Affric's verdant shores (apologies to the Coppers and Rose of Allendale this time) ... we had a cup of tea and toasted teacakes (thanks Franc the Van). Yes, Glen Affric did not disappoint - what a wonderful tranquil place where, if you stand still, you hear nothing but the sound of water and song birds. It's been so long since my ears were relieved of the background drone of aircraft and motor traffic I'd almost forgotten what silence sounds like.

Lots of motorhomes around. It looks like the locals don't like them. On the journey here yesterday two cars pulled out in front of us - from side roads onto the main road - causing hubby to brake sharply. The first was an Audi which failed to accelerate to any acceptable degree. The other one actually pulled out and then braked, for absolutely no reason. We feel we are probably being persecuted from having the temerity to drive a motorhome.

No monsters yet - but we'll keep looking.

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