Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Wow! Didn't expect that

I've just come back from an appointment with the consultant oncologist. The results of my scan are so good that they are going to carry out surgery to remove at least one lung lobe and the offending lymph glands - aiming for a complete cure.

I never expected that - I'm just overwhelmed by it and actually need to sit down and have a good cry to get over the news. The hours leading up to this have not been easy for me - I don't know why. It seemed worse than all the other appointments and I've been down - yes, I admit it - bloody down and irritable. Poor old hubby has had to cope with some pretty awful behaviour.

The details are that the thyroid still glowed at the PET scan but they're not concerned about it as it remains the same size. An irritable bowel - which I knew was going to be an issue - glowed on the scan so I might find myself subject to a colonoscopy. I knew it might be a problem as the chemo upsets my digestive system and I'd had a bad bout a couple of days prior to the scan. The chances of my bowel glowing were very high. The patch on my hip which the junior oncologist picked up from the CAT scan is of no consequence - it obviously didn't glow this time. So it's just the lung tissue and lymph glands that need sorting.

No, I don't know when I'll go for surgery - my guess is within the next couple of weeks or so. I'll need 4-6 weeks recovery and then may face some radiotherapy - it all depends upon whether or not it's deemed necessary. So there you have it folks. It's all looking far better than I ever could have hoped with instead of keeping the nasties at bay the possibility of losing them altogether. Fingers crossed, eh?


  1. Phil the Beard15 June 2011 at 08:36

    Great news Sue .... maybe you will get more time to plan you trip to China haha, haha, haha !!

  2. Sue - that is fantastic news.
    Loved some of the pics on Facebook of you and Andy in Scotland.

  3. Brilliant news Sue.
    Looking forward to seeing you and Andy very soon.

  4. I'm a tad wet eyed which is diluting my tea but so happy to hear the news.