Thursday, 23 June 2011

To the woods

Off to the woods today for a few days, camping and cooking lots of sausages. The only difficulty in woodland dwelling is drinking water. Yesterday I invested in a water filter system so I've bottled what I hope is enough filtered water to last me the weekend. I've become increasingly concerned about the effect of chlorine. Apparently the thyroid gland doesn't like it - it doesn't much like fluoride either. When I hear the fluoride and teeth debate I do wonder if thyroid defficiency, of which there seems to be a great amount, might be due to fluoride in drinking water and toothpaste. I wonder if anyone has done research into that.

I'll be attempting not to inhale too much woodsmoke - which is quite difficult - but there's something very comforting about woodsmoke. I guess it's probably one of the most common smells that mankind has encountered over our evolution.

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  1. Hi Sue
    Floride does occur naturally - compare N. Shields & S. Shields, Toothpaste should be spate out & not swallowed once used, residual is therefore quite minute. On the other hand there is a proven link between gum disease & heart problems, without floride, gum disease is likely to be more prevailent. So interesting arguements on both sides. Food for thought whilst in your woodland paradise! LV Nigel M