Monday, 13 June 2011

Home sweet home

We arrived back just in time to catch the last number at a local music event which is held in the town where our three daughters live. That was a after a very unpleasant drive home - well the last bit was unpleasant. The first stretch involved a wonderful cross country route through the Cheviots with the sun out and views for literally tens of miles from one vantage point. It was only when we reached the motorway that rain fell and with it that awful spray which makes driving very tiring.

However here we are and all is well. Well, I must qualify that. I'm like a bear with a sore head when technology fails - and fail it has today. Last night I took the trouble of doing some updates which had become due while we were away. I guess these proved just a little too much for the struggling PC which has been acting as a file-server for the business for the past six years or so. Today it refuses to spring into action.

Now I have a remote back-up and anyway so most of the stuff on that machine is so old that I doubt I'll ever look at it again. My freelancer in any case has a copy of all the clients' data at the point I handed it all over to him at the end of the year. So I know I have the data I need - both on the hard disk of the deceased PC and also at the remote backup point. What I don't have is the technical ability to overcome the fact that my PC goes to look for the one that's died each time. It's quite sweet really - is it grieving I wonder? Luckily there's a computer professional in our road upon whose services I am about to call.

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  1. Fantastic news! Well done Sue and lots of love.CJxx