Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Going up north

I'm just going to give you a quick update on where I am in the NHS scheme of things. Having completed the 6th and final dose of chemo four weeks ago, I undergo a PET scan - where they make me radioactive - on Friday followed by an appointment for the results on 14th of June. At that point I will find out what next is planned for me.

In the meantime my hubby and I with Franc the Van are heading north, first to Dunbar to spend the night beside the sea with a very good friend of ours and thence onwards to beautiful Loch Ness. William Topaz McGonagall the poet acclaimed for his appalling verse wrote of it in glowing terms. For those who don't know his work I've reproduced it here - below - so that you too can appreciate his skills.

So dear readers, whereas my recent postings have been sporadic, it is possible that they may cease altogether for a few days. It just depends upon 3G and how much of it there is in the far north. Don't worry about me if you don't hear from me for a while, and in the meantime enjoy Mr McGonagall's verse.

Beautiful Loch Ness,
The truth to express,
Your landscapes are lovely and gay,
Along each side of your waters, to Fort Augustus all the way,
Your scenery is romantic...
With rocks and hills gigantic...
Enough to make one frantic,
As they view thy beautiful heathery hills,
And their clear crystal rills,
And the beautiful woodlands so green,
On a fine summer day...
From Inverness all the way...
Where the deer and the doe together doth play;
And the beautiful Falls of Foyers with its crystal spray,
As clear as the day,
Enchanting and gay,
To the traveller as he gazes thereon,
That he feels amazed with delight,
To see the water falling from such a height,
That his heed feels giddy with the scene,
As he views the Falls of Foyers and the woodlands so green,
That he exclaims in an ecstasy of delight -
Oh, beautiful Loch Ness!
I must sincerely confess,
That you are the most beautiful to behold,
With your lovely landscapes and water so cold.
And as he turns from the scene, he says with a sigh-
Oh, beautiful Loch Ness! I must bid you good-bye.

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