Saturday, 18 June 2011

A consultation date

I now have a date for my consultation with the surgeon - 7th July. Hopefully the system will be able to schedule me for surgery soon after that. While I'd be quite happy to get on with it now, it does give me plenty more time to prepare my body so it's in the best possible order for the event.

Previously I've had a horrible feeling in my stomach when these hospital letters arrive. But two came together yesterday. I opened the one from the oncologist who always reports to my GP and the chest physician after he's seen me. Once again they've got my thyroid state written down wrongly. I'm hypothyroid - meaning that my thyroid gland doesn't work as well as it should whereas the letter says I'm hyperthyroid which is the opposite. Last time I phoned the oncologist's secretary to get it put right but I won't bother this time because the content of the letter makes it quite plain that there's an error transcription. He records correspondence on tape for his secretary.

It does make you think though - it could be quite a serious matter in certain circumstances. Maybe - as the two words are so similar this can't be the first time someone's got it wrong - the medical profession should find another description for one of these afflictions.

Having a date has made a great deal of difference; I felt incredibly happy when I woke up this morning - a bit "hyper" you might say! I'll be able to enjoy the next couple of weekends which are planned to be quite special and I should be able to make it to the local folk festival. There might be thunderstorms and heavy rain in reality here but there are no clouds on my personal horizon.

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  1. Sue the 7th is my birthday I shall be thinking of you.