Thursday, 16 June 2011

The power of friends

The more I think about it, the more I believe that the positives vibes, the prayers and the well-wishing from you all have played an enormous part in my recovery so far. Let's face it, you, my enormous support group, have been telling me I'd beat this thing right from the start. It was only me that doubted it. So if it can't be down to my positive thinking, then I guess it's down to you guys. For that I'm incredibly grateful - thanks just isn't adequate enough a word.

There are other reasons to be thankful for such good friends and family and one of them was the action of the Angel of Mercy who received my email about the dead PC while dining out last night. Together with his lovely bride-to-be he beat a path to my little office and sorted out the directional shortcomings of this machine. Today, with the help of the very sexy-sounding online backup support worker, I successfully retrieved all my files. Now there's just one little niggling PST file problem to be sorted and I'm flying again - technologically speaking.

Still no call or letter from the surgeon yet - but then I expected it to take a few days. Oh, and Franc the Van is now polished (all except for his rather high roof) and is doing a great job of repelling today's showers. He passed his MOT this morning with flying colours I'm glad to say.

P.S. Forgot to tell you that yesterday I bought a lovely beige jacket in a charity shop. I'm a bit addicted to buying jackets - that's the sixth since I've replaced the contents of my wardrobe. Enough I think.

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