Monday, 4 July 2011

Butterflies, hay and warm breezes

I know, you've looked a couple of times and there's been no new posting. Sorry. We've been away again - this time down to Sussex where we wandered through meadows full of butterflies, crickets and mini oak trees in warm sunshine while from the field next door wafted the sweet scent of freshly turned hay. I decided not to fire up my smart phone - no, dear readers, not even to engage with you.

We're now in the week of The Appointment and I feel myself begin to get nervous. Goodness knows why I should feel this way. All it will amount to is a chat with the surgeon - and who knows, it may be that he's changed his mind. So there's absolutely no point in getting het up about the op yet. Despite that I guess I am. I guess I'm human.

My only real worry is that the op might cause damage which currently I don't have. At the moment I can laugh, sing, run about, turn cartwheels if I want (although, unlike my mother, I have never turned a cartwheel!), I'm in no pain and feel as well as I possibly can at my age with my lifestyle. Am I willing to swop all that for an increased life-span? That's the bottom line. Of course I am, but that doesn't stop me thinking about my options.

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