Thursday, 28 July 2011

Home at last

It was lovely coming home. I'm frustrated somewhat by the realisation that I have not prepared adequately - I do not have the right bra to wear. I need something very soft - a sports bra - with large straps, front-fastening and no underwiring, to scoop up these droopy bits and stop the drag on the chest drain sites when I walk. I've just ordered one; it should come tomorrow. Once I have that I should be able to start on some little walks up and down the lane and gradually further afield.

My pain is controlled just with paracetomol - I find it hard to believe this to to be the case. But that's all I need. I have a long curved scar down my back with what looks like metal staples in it. I know, you just can't believe that it doesn't hurt horrendously, but it really doesn't. When I move I can just feel that there's something there - but that's all. I am to make an appointment with the surgery to have the staples removed next week - when I also need the drain site stitches out.

Sleeping at night proved a bit of a challenge. If I laid on my right side I'd be putting all my weight on the drain sites, if I laid on my left the weight of my breast would pull at the drain site. As I'd slept well, propped up on my back in hospital, that seemed the best solution and indeed it was.

I do so miss that hospital bed though. The mattress comprised different sections, so that when you put the back up, or the middle up and the feet down (so that it took on the appearance of sun lounger) the little sections could move around. It was really comfortable and made propping myself up very easy. OK, you can do it at home with pillows and a husband, but it's not quite the same as being able to press a button or two.

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