Thursday, 14 July 2011

Dorset is beautiful ....

...... wherever you go, and the rain in the summertime makes the wurzel bush grow ... etc. I think we might be about to experience some rain in the summertime for tomorrow we're off to a family wedding in Dorset. I'm really looking forward to it. Franc the Van is nearly ready; my hat is safely stowed in the van's safe (it's the only place it's not likely to get crushed).

We meet the rest of the family for a meal on Friday night, Saturday is the wedding and reception and Sunday we return just in time for me to prepare myself for Monday's trip to hospital. I expect to be able to blog one more time beforehand. During my hospital stay I've asked one of our daughters to update the right-hand side panel of this with news of my physical state and as soon as I'm able I'll be blogging again myself.

Have a great weekend everyone - I'm going to.

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