Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Whoopsie daisy

Just before the ward round swarm arrived, while I sat calmly in a chair reading, my heart decided to undertake some acrobatics. It was, for about an hour, popping in the odd syncopated beat here, missing another there. Very jazzy! Apparently it is common post surgery so nothing to worry about. I'm just glad it happened when it did. I've been given potassium and magnesium; some blood tests will also be done. The heart rhythm slipped back to normal in any case, before the medication.

This time I managed to interrogate a doctor and what's more the lab results are back. The tumour which was in my two lower lobes has all been removed, as have they. The lymph nodes that were removed this time contained no cancer cells, unlike those that provided means of diagnosis last time I was here.

For a couple of hours this morning I had no cannulas or pipes sticking out of me. Sadly it didn't last; I now have a ready connection in the crook of my arm just in case ..... and a vampire has just drained me of another batch of blood. I seem only now to be on paracetomol for pain relief, with an option to add tramadol if necessary. But all in all I'm very comfortable now.


  1. Great news Sue, glad to hear things are going generally well, apart from the odd popping vicar. You better hurry up and get better, we're starting to put things together for the Calverton Project which will be nothing without your voice! We've tried coercing Godfrey but he's having none of it (good thing really, he even talks out of tune!) Only Kidding!

    Love and kisses

    Brad xx

  2. I can you're not 100% just yet...you got the wrong 'hear here'!! X saradau x

  3. Hi Sue
    sorry you're experiencing a somewhat a hit-and-miss level of care; but I'm obviously delighted that your lower lung lobes and lymph nodes are clear! What an odd, surreal experience this must be for you. What with clip-clops, jack-in-the-box vicars and grubby cutlery to keep you on your toes, it must be a barrel of fun. :)
    Thinking of you much and wishing you a speedy return home.
    Tim xoxo