Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Garden success

We have several clematis plants in our pocket-handkerchief-sized garden and the most spectacular of them is currently flowering in abundance - masses of deep red blooms. The garden is probably looking its best just at the moment and last night's rain didn't come a moment too soon.

We did originally plant the garden with specific plants in specific places but since then, as some of them haved failed, I have engaged in a rather brutal method of garden development. I collect seeds, from my own and others' gardens throughout the summer and autum, and pop them into a large envelope, shake it up and sprinkle the contents over the available flower beds.

When I say "available" it's not what I really mean because having such a small amount of space means that there is no available space once summer is here and everything's vying for a position. What happens of course is that those seeds which germinate and can win the struggle for light, air and water appear, and those that can't die. So the majority of the plants in the garden are happy there because they've had to fight that battle and win. It's brutal but it sure does work.

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