Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Counting down

The letter arrived today. I'm to go to the hospital next Monday with the operation scheduled for Wednesday. Of course, if anything goes wrong at the hospital end it may not happen then. As with all hospital admissions you have to ring first to check they have a bed.

I'm trying to prepare myself for being out of commission - water plants, do the housework, clear the pile of washing. And of course I do wonder what I'll be feeling like when I get back here. How much pain will I be in? What will I be able to do for myself? How long before I can drive again? Those sorts of questions. I suppose we all do it when approaching a big event or situation. If mentally you prepare as much as you can, then you can remain - to a certain extent - in control of your situation.

The hardest part will be for those who wait for the news that the surgery went well - which I'm sure it will - and that I've come round OK. It's easy for me - I'll be out of it.

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