Wednesday, 13 July 2011

No soap bars please

Before my previous stay at Harefield, when I had diagnostic surgery, I checked the web site to see what I should take into hospital. I've just done it again. The list is minimal. One specific is liquid soap only; no bars of soap or soap dishes. I suppose that makes sense since nasty bacteria could very easily make a warm cosy home in a grubby soap dish.

Before the procedure last time I had to wash myself and my hair in a hospital-provided anti-baterial liquid soap and render myself a suitably sterile sacrifice to the surgeon's knife. I assume it will be much the same this time.

One of the reasons why staff don't like people to bring a large number of items with them is the time it takes in admin when a patient is moved from one ward to another. It takes two members of staff to complete the procedure, one nurse to make a list of all the items, the other checking it, both signing to say that it's correct, before the belongings are passed to the next ward.

So this time my list will be minimal. As there's a bit less of me now than there was, I'm just going to check that my pyjamas (bought specially for last time) will actually stay up when I'm on the move!

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