Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Convalescence is a drag

I'm not cut out for this taking it gently lark. It's the sudden fatigue that gets me, although after sleeping nine hours last night I must say I'm feeling a lot better today. Little jobs that I wouldn't have thought twice about - finding something in a cupboard where everything needs pulling out first - suddenly become enormous mountains to climb and I find myself breathless.

There is however potentially another reason for the breathlessness - apart from the fact that I'm recovering from the removal of two lung lobes - and that's the fact that I'm anaemic. The blood test to check my electrolytes, the chemicals that are critical in allowing cells to function properly, revealed that my iron level is low. I've persuaded the GP (for the time being) to let me try and eat myself out of this because while he thinks the level is low (9.9) it's actually point one higher than the level at which they gave me one dose of chemotherapy!

I get the feeling that I need to take detoxing quite seriously now. My penchant for late night cheese raids has to stop. Apparently diary produce can inhibit the absorption of iron as can coffee, tea, cereals, soy and - would you believe it - oregano. You know, if you take all this diet stuff really seriously you find that there's very little left to eat. Hubby suggests grass!

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