Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Staples shaped like Ms

I've been counting down to this day - and even counting hours - certainly counting nights on the sun lounger. The staples are now no more - well, that's not true. They still exist - in a little pot in which the nurse kindly put them as a souvenir for me. They're just not in my back any more and neither are the draggy drain stitches. I'm wearing a normal bra again - it feels amazing.

The staple removing scissors which I was given by the hospital - together with various post operative leaflets and some surgical dressings - were handed to the nurse. She simply hooked them under the staple, closed them, and hey presto the staple turned into a lovely little M shape - very appropriate - and just pulled clear.

As I sat waiting in the surgery my GP walked by and his face lit up and he said "Hello, how're doing?" To this I replied, "I'm coming to see you later in the day, I'll tell you all about it then." I haven't seen him since just before I started my chemo. He's a nice guy and always very cheerful with lots of people skills; unlike his colleague that I had to see over the diagnosis period, whose demeanour and general handling of the situation could so easily led to me slitting my wrists.

Anyway we have another trip in to the surgery later this afternoon - after which I will update this blog.

My GP seems very pleased with me. Oxygen count 97%, no discernable heart irregularities, chest sounded OK and I've obviously healed very well. I can drive pretty much when I feel like it but he suggests a month is a good time but I should notify my insurance company that I have had the surgery. So that's another couple of weeks but as we'll be away with Franc the Van for a week I'm very unlikely to be wanting to drive anything anyway.

I'm to be left on the beta blockers and asprin to be sure to be sure for the time being and I'll check in again with the GP when we're back from holiday. A general blood test next week will check my electrolytes just to make sure that they're all as they should be as it was imbalance which may have contributed to the heart issue in the first place.

All in all a good report I think.

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  1. That's brilliant news Sue! Here's to a good night's sleep and normal underwear (don't your milestones take different shapes!).
    Re food, I like the pithiness of advice I was given years ago - "Eat food that rots, but eat it before it does".