Thursday, 11 August 2011

OK, I give in

The toxicity and effects of paracetamol in the dose that I've gone back to taking are minimal but I'm still slightly annoyed that I've had to do it. My assumption that my improvement would continue at a regular and evenly graduated rate, is obviously wrong. I now have aches and sorenesses in places where hitherto I had just a tiny feeling of abnormality. These are all internal and I can only assume it's the inside of my chest - my lung, diaphragm, and interconnecting tissue (whatever there is left of it) - coming to terms with the new spatial availability and all vying for position.

The one ache that I can't explain - and I couldn't when in hospital - is the one that's related externally to my excess belly-flesh on the right hand side. What on earth it could have to be unhappy about I have no idea. But it was unhappy in hospital and really annoyed me when I was trying to sleep and it catches me unawares now. The only explanation I can come up with is that it must be a reflected soreness that is actually happening somewhere else.

My days alternate between the sit-down-and-watch-the-videoed-episodes-of-the-Tudors-and-dose-off-to-sleep days and the I'm-feeling-so-much-better-and-have-so-much-energy-days. There is nothing very even or logical about this roller-coaster of recovery, hence I got up at 6 am and took one paracetamol.

It is essential that I have some degreee of normality in my daily routine from tomorrow onwards as that is the day we head northwards to camp in Yorkshire, with friends and some other members of the family. Of course it will be all so much easier with Franc the Van. We collected him yesterday from his temporary resting place and later on today he'll be packed and prepared.

I'm taking with me two concessions to my physical condition. One is a thirty-plus years old child's buggy - the old basic standard one. It's been in the loft for years and it will serve me very well to carry water across the camp site. The other luxury is my lightweight sun lounger in which I hope to take my early afternon naps. I'm told the field in which we are to be located is not well blessed with 3G reception, so you may not hear from me for a while.


  1. Hope you have a great holiday. kelly x

  2. Enjoy Sledmere, you two. Perhaps give Sir Roger de Coverley a miss but a gentle Picking up Stitches should suit. Mick x