Monday, 1 August 2011

Upwards and onwards

I've climbed the hill today - slowly - well to my friend's house which is about halfway to the absolute top. It felt fine. I suppose I was short of breathe, but not in any worrying way. I just realise that I have less capacity than I did. I think of that remaining lobe doing its level best to expand to fill the cavity and I strongly suspect that in three months or so I won't even be able to tell that anything is different from how it used to be.

The interesting thing was the walk back down. As I took steps going down I could feel a mild soreness in the right hand side of my chest which I took to be bits of organ bumping onto areas it had hitherto no connection with and my diagphram trying to work out where it belonged. Don't get me wrong - it was not an unpleasant or in any way worrying sensation. It was merely a sensation. And of course, I'm just amazed that that's all there is to say about my walk up the hill. Isn't the body just a wonderful thing.

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