Saturday, 20 August 2011

Warm again

Today, for the first time in the week, it dawned warm and sunny. Previously we had sun, yes, even in Yorkshire, but there was a raw wind which drove the temperature right down. Though we were tucked up in Franc the Van there was one night when hats were necessary!

We're back home now. The week has been very good for me I think. I can thorougly recommend camping and convalescence. Having to walk across a field to the loo meant that every few hours I had just a little exercise. There were chores to do too. For instance, washing up was more physically taxing than usual because you had to fetch a bowl of water from the boiler each time, so that provided my opportunities to flex various muscles.

I've noticed that first thing in the morning my breathing is shallower. I guess everyone breathes shallowly during the night. I have a suspicion that my steadily expanding one third of a lung contracts during my sleep but in the morning finds that it's going to have to work as hard, if not harder than the day before.

Sneezing is no longer a cause for panic. I'm almost up to the size of sneezes that I used to allow myself before surgery. Coughing is only very slightly sore. Odd tingles occur around and about my upper right chest region and I'm told by my research and by people who know that this is par for the course. Various muscles and nerves are busy putting themselves back together again.

I detected a little bit of heart acrobatics again a couple of days ago - strangely enough when I awoke after a 45 minute mid afternoon doze. This cannot have been been due to my overdoing things because I hadn't been - and as I said, I'd been having a rest period. Luckily for me a friend of the family, a cardiac nurse, was at the camp too. She said it's not uncommon and it may be that I'd experienced these sorts of incidents with no ill effects and without noticing them in the past. I might be just a little over-sensitive to it now.

But the really good news is that there is a most distinct and rather sudden improvement in my peripheral neuropathy, at least the fingers. They have quite suddenly begun to improve and feeling is coming back. I can't tell if it's the same with my toe and soles of my feet yet but I expect it will be.

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  1. Glad you had a great time Sue and that your digits are better!