Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Status: normality resumed

The weekend was great and I was able to dance without any worries. In fact any slight breathlessness was no greater than the same time last year when I carried those extra three stone. I've even stopped thinking about my lung when I set off across a camping field because there's very little to remind me. Hence the subject title of this posting.

I'd be prepared to put money on the likelihood that my blood count has significantly improved since the blood test which was done way back on the 9th of August. I feel as if it has and the lethargy and general lack of energy has lifted.

I'm off to see the GP tomorrow and will see if I can persuade him to take me off the beta blocker and asprin. After all I've only had one minor occurence of heart acrobatics since my last trip to see him and the chances of a post surgical blood clot I would think have diminished by now to something approaching a normal average risk.

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