Thursday, 4 August 2011

Horizontal rest

Well, that was a wonderful night's sleep spent on my side in our double bed beside my darling husband. I'm not surprised that I slept well as I'd walked at least two miles yesterday evening and probably slightly overdone it. My heart did a little bit of acrobatics as I sat relaxing in a chair last night and again this morning I'm not entirely sure that it was keeping to its normal steady beat. To be honest, I don't know what it normally does. There's an added difficulty in taking my pulse because with the slight loss of sensation in my finger tips I cannot always be sure I feel what I feel. Whatever, I'm sure it's just temporary and I'm not going to worry about it. I've had my asprin after all.

I haven't bothered to take paracetamol since the middle of yesterday and I'm in no discomfort. I can feel something - the site of the drains holes which are slightly sore and recovering from the very thick stitches. But the incision in my back causes me no trouble. My breathing is fine - in fact I'm overall pretty good. Given the peripheral neuropathy caused by the chemo and the fact that I've had an epidural and a general anaesthetic and a whole host of antibiotics, it's surprising that I feel as well as I do. Now I just need to concentrate on getting the body back into shape again. The antibiotics and apparently pain killers too both play havoc with digestion.

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  1. This all makes very, very good and cheering reading, Sue. x