Monday, 25 April 2011

The dream comes nearer

Well, would you believe it, my ebay search has revealed a van just 10 minutes away, being sold by a couple who have had it for four years and have now fallen in love with south Devon and bough a static caravan. It's not terribly pretty and it's not a Romahome R30. It's a Renault but it does have all the facilities that we were after in the configuration I wanted them.

We went to take a look this morning. It's got four belted seats, fridge, ring and grill, shower and basin area and a loo. There's some rust here and there, particularly around some of the windows, but pretty is not what I'm worried about. The engine sounds good, it's got four new tyres, new batteries and no underbody rust that hubby could see. The only real reservation is the miles per gallon (about 24!) and the likelihood of the rust advancing, given that we want to store it in quite a damp atmosphere. So while we've decided to bid we'll put a low limit on the bid.

Someone's already put a bid on and exceeded the reserve. It's just a case of scheduling it into my intinerary and remembering to be online, ready, with finger poised at the right moment. And if I don't get it, then so be it - something else will turn up and it will probably be an even better bargain.

Postscript: decided over a delicious supper in the summer sunshine that it's a bit too old and we would like something more reliable.

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