Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Postman's knock

Is it just possible that I could be addicted to handing parcels to the postman each day in exchange for ones that I can undo? Maybe. Such is the activity on Ebay that's what it amounts to. It is very exciting receiving parcels on a regular basis I have to admit and I'm just beginning to think that I may have a problem. I've got friends who've battled with Facebook but somehow I've never had any difficulty with that. Perhaps it's because I've never fancied having a virtual farm!

Anyway yesterday I received a very nice pair of grey jeans which fitted perfectly and a maroon velvet top (M&S you know). Today it was a black sleeveless blouse (also M&S). In exchange I gave the postman a parcel containing a blouse and a jacket together, bought by the same person, and also sent off a Cotton Traders blouse purchased for about £2.50 which I'm sure I bought for no more than £1. The balance over the last 31 days of my expenditure and income is about £10 on the buying side but I have had some curtain tie-backs and cedar wood moth repellant disks, so it hasn't all been clothes.

Yes, we had moth in the wardrobe and an old pure wool (M&S again) charity shop-sourced bright red blazer seems to have proved a meal for the little blighters. I haven't worn it for years but was holding onto it just in case I ever needed to dress up as a red-coat. Yea, I know it's unlikely but such speculation fuels much of the storage currently taking place in this house. Actually I can't believe I ever wore it for any serious occasion but the unpalatable truth is I did once!

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