Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Small blip

It was a bank holiday so I couldn't have my blood test done on Monday, so instead it had to be yesterday. That meant I couldn't phone to check the results before we got up early and left for the nearby town to reach it in time for an early start on the chemo today.

Unfortunately my neutrophils weren't yet up to scratch so my chemo has been delayed by a week. Hubby had already left to spend a day in the wood so he returned immediately to pick me up. I had to get more folic acid to tide me over, book another blood test for next week, reschedule the PET scan with the consultant's secretary and change the following consultant's appointment with the Macmillan Unit. We have a holiday booked for a week away so it means that appointment is now in the middle of June. My how times flies when you're on chemo!

It's funny how little things bring me down and all that changing of the schedule actually drove me to tears in the chemo ward and I'm still feeling a bit wobbly. I suspect it's because I don't sleep to well the night before the chemo and I was all geared up to it being the last dose. The wonderful health care assistant - who I'm sure really runs the ward - was lovely and so sympathetic. They really are a lovely bunch on the chemo ward.

Anyway, I've picked myself up, dusted myself down and in a minute I'm going to walk to the next village, pick up some clotted cream and cadge a lift back with hubby who is doing a job there for his mum. It's my intention to serve cream teas to anyone who wants them and passes by the house on Friday afternoon. So you'll all invited. If the weather's not too good and I haven't set out my stall, just ring the bell.

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