Sunday, 17 April 2011

The R30

Friends suggested we visit the motorhomes exhibition at Peterborough this weekend. So in lovely sunshine and excellent company we toured acres of campervans; from the one-man right up to enormous homes complete with plush sofas, ensuite bathrooms and showers and bits of living space that cantilever out at the sides.

I found my ideal van - it's a Romahome R30 or Dimension - which is a short vehicle, a Citroen, but which has the four travelling seats as well as all the usual kit, including loo and shower room. The only problem is that they are obscenely expensive new and it appears quite rare. There are absolutely none on the market second hand apart from one which is overpriced and with a dealer. So I think it's definitely canvas in May and maybe July too - but at least I now know what I'm looking for.

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