Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Several people have asked me where I am in the grand scheme of chemotherapy/treatment - so here's an update.

Following the spectacular (50% reduction) result after the last couple of chemo cycles (normally 21 days apart) I've been given another two - they were going to stop at four. I had blood taken this morning in preparation for the final cycle tomorrow. Three weeks after that it's the (radioactive) PET scan, then a week after that an appointment with the consultant at which point he'll decide what next to do with me.

I'm bronzed, I still have hair (most people don't even noticed it's thinned) and the reaction of those who haven't seen me for a few months is one of complete and utter surprise, as they expect to meet someone who is bald, thin and unrecognisable. I have to admit that my anticipation of six chemo cycles would have come to exactly the same conclusion - however, for me, it is not the case. I guess I've been very lucky.

I have been asked to post photos but I would prefer not to do that here as I am attempting to keep this (as it's globally available) as anonymous as possible - hence the blurred one you can see. Sorry folks.

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