Wednesday, 2 February 2011

All done and dusted

The chemo session went well today - just a little delay as the pharmacy decided to work through the list of required drugs from the ward in reverse order from that in which it was presented. I escaped having to have a blood tranfusion. My haemaglobin was 9.8 and 10 is the benchmark. Had it been threatened I was going to argue my case. There is evidence in my family of someone operating normally while being in a state of such acute anaemia that the district nurse, when summoned, found it difficult to believe they were actually standing. So I suspect that my genetic norm is not quite the normal norm.

I have also negotiated an extra week between this dose and the next to accommodate the holiday we have planned, so I'll have an extra seven days to consume high-iron-bearing foods and I hope to get back over that 10 mark before they test my blood again.

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