Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The morning after

For someone who no longer drinks alcohol it's difficult to understand how I came to feel slightly overhung this morning. No doubt it's the result of so much dietary cheating yesterday. Too much salt and sugar plus that coffee and the odd processed food ingredient is probably the reason. It just goes to show how finely balanced a human body. Resolution: be really really good from now on.

It is currently snowing - 10.10 22.02.11 - large big globs of snow which have little chance of settling thank goodness. I've had enough of winter this year; I'm extremely keen to greet the spring.

Today we have a birthday amongst us and Star Wars is the theme for the celebratory tea party. I've prepared Jedi costumes and even made light sabres in the hope of impressing our grandchildren.

1 comment:

  1. It's Luke Skywalker's birthday and Darth says:

    'Son I know what gifts you will receive today.'

    'How can you possibly know that dad?'

    'Because Luke, I have felt your presents...'

    Hope you've had a great party. ;0)