Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Journey

Well, what an exciting day I've had. It started this morning when I detected I wasn't quite as well as I had been yesterday. I couldn't put my finger on it but something was niggling - stomach, head? I suddenly felt distinctly hot as if I had a temperature. Temperatures are something you're warned about and especially to be feared particularly at this stage when my body's immunity is rather low. I grabbed the thermometer - we only have one in old money - and it showed 98.8. Just a slight rise.

My first instinct was to cancel the appointment I'd set up for the afternoon with a practitioner in Journey therapy. This is rapid therapy, used for general healing and well-being purposes and designed by one Brandon Bays. Look her up if you're curious. I'd decided to undertake a session as part of my clear-out of rubbish strategy. I've done the clothes, I've done the office, I've done the personal papers - now it's time to deal with the psychological baggage.

Instead of acting precipitously I resolved to wait an hour and take my temperature again. When I did it was less than normal and I felt a great deal better. So off to the therapist I went for a session which lasted over thee hours. Most of the time was devoted to visualisation of people, events and places. It ended with a friend, who I'd chosen in my mind's eye to be my mentor, painting unwelcome lung tissue with curry paste! Don't ask me why that idea came into my head, but it did.

I'm feeling fine now, despite the mental athletics. The big question is: was my rapid descent and recovery this morning an example of how the mind can affect the body? Was it a physical manifestation of a wish to avoid the session? Now that's an interesting question.

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