Monday, 21 February 2011

Steam dream

The Poppy Line - North Norfolk's steam enthusiasts' railway - greeted us today. We timed our trip to coincide with a steam engine; diesel wouldn't do. (Did you know that in 1886 Herbert Akroyd Stuart invented an oil engine at Bletchley which was the forerunner of the modern diesel engine?) We travelled down in a standard carriage and back in first class (no difference in price though).

The lovely little cafe on the prom - The Funky Mackerel - seemed a good venue for lunch and despite their wholesome food I discovered for the first time how difficult it is to follow my dietary regime when eat out. I've cheated a bit this week; a little helping of pudding last night, a pancake this morning, coffee at elevensies and some ciabatta for lunch. No matter, it was only a little and in any case, we're on us 'olidays!

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