Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Pure bliss

Now as those who know me well are already aware, I'm someone who likes to be in control. So I have always had in the back of my mind a whole set of positive outcomes which might be used to counter adversity. The sort of thing I'm thinking about is: if I found myself severely disabled, unable only to blink and thereby operate a computer then I might take on a mammoth task to pass the time. For instance I'd thought of arranging Hymns Ancient & Modern for three ladies voices instead of treble, alto, tenor and bass, since it's rare to find gentlemen in church choirs these days. Actually it's rare to find a church with any people in it - let alone a choir!

I'd thought about cancer; I'd even contemplated my hair falling out. My plan was to dye it bright purple while it was still in place, to be utterly outrageous if only for a few weeks. As it doesn't look likely I'm going to lose all my hair that plan has gone on the back burner. But I had another one for the same eventuality. If I had cancer I thought I would most likely lose masses of weight, in which case I could stop veiling myself in voluptuous garments. Well, that second one has come true. I didn't really admit to myself that I was well over 15 stone before which means that I've lost probably getting on for two-and-half stone now.

So today I delved into the deep recesses of my bottom drawer and into the black sack in the spare bedroom. And what did I find? I found loads of (predominantly charity shop sourced) garments which I dearly loved, which hadn't previously fitted me, many of which I'd never worn, but I just couldn't bring myself to throw away. I found some pure linen tops for the summer, some vests, some lovely blouses and I know that I'll be able to get into my rather smart satin trousers again now. You see behind every cloud there is the silver lining that I'd always suspected.

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