Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Ear, ear

There is very little distinguish between my current state of health and a time when I was perfectly well - other than overall I'm probably in better shape as I carry less weight and am exercising more. However my taste is slightly strange and today I examined my tongue, which is something I haven't done previously. It looks a little bit coated at the back which no doubt accounts for the compromised taste. Whether this is a result of the chemo or whether I really have been fighting off some nasty virual or bacterial infection, who knows. I must remember to obvserve my tongue a few times during the next chemo session.

I completed 10 minutes on the rowing machine today with ease. Using imaging techniques from yesterday's therapy session I concentrated on my right lung and imagined I was exhaling the unwanted material, blowing it out of my body.

The hair loss has diminished now but I expect I'll have another bout of that soon - apparently it happens about three or four weeks after the chemo which means I haven't had the hair loss yet from the last lot. I am aware of my left ear a little more than normal - it keeps poking out from behind my length tresses in a way it has never previously been able to do. The right ear doesn't appear to be similarly liberated so whether I have more hair on the right or whether my left ear sticks out more I'm not entirely sure. It is maybe a combination of both. Anyway no-one apart from me notices the thinning so the purple hair will have to wait awhile.

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