Monday, 7 February 2011

Hair & reiki

My reiki practitioner is also a hairdresser, a psychology student and a seeker of truth about quantum phsyics, so it was an interesting morning. She chopped about four inches off my hair leaving it with a nice clean edge. I've lost getting on for half the density that I had. Hubby says he can't notice but I could see that the bottom ends were thin and messy so it seemed sensible to chop it. Then I had the reiki session which was wonderfully relaxing. I really do feel does me a lot of good. My energy levels are apparently high and today she concentrated on the psychological and emotional elements.

One of the difficulties I have is how I envisage my tumour. Yes, sorry, not a nice word but actually if you look it up it can just mean abnormal tissue and it was how it was referred to even before they knew it was cancer. (Sorry, another not nice word.) I have a problem thinking of it as something bad because that means that I strongly dislike something within me and I don't think that's a healthy position to take. So instead I've just avoided the issued and tried not to think about it at all.

Now my reiki practitioner has suggested that I envisage it as an area of difference which needs putting back to how it was. So rather as I might Photoshop a graphic image of an old photograph and restore individual pixels to their former glory, perhaps I could imagine I'm zapping the pixels of my tumour back to their former state. I haven't tried it yet, but I think it's the way to go.

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