Saturday, 26 February 2011

Going forward

It really is lovely to be back, especially back in our own bed. A cheap sprung mattress doesn't have anything like the comfort factor of ours which is memory foam topped.

While it's great to be home I am conscious that the days are now ticking towards the next dose. Being ill when you don't expect to be is one thing; it's entirely another to know that you're going to be rendered unwell and to go willing to receive the poisons that will make you so. In fact, it's a strange but true fact that it's this dark chemo cloud which bugs me, not the knowledge that I have cancer. I seem to have got so used to that now that it's rarely at the forefront of my mind.

One thing I did before we went away - which I suppose emphasises how I'm now looking forward with confidence - was to order new business cards. They were supposed to take several weeks to arrive and I desisted from paying the additional fee for rapid dispatch. I'm glad I did for they were waiting for me when we got home.

So if you know of anyone who wants a bit of copywriting done, or some help with public relations or marketing, let me know. I'm taking on one-offs from now on. There's less stress that way and I can always decline work and go swanning off on another holiday instead if I want.

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