Monday, 28 February 2011

Here I go again

Blood test today, consultant tomorrow, chemo on Wednesday. I arranged with the GP - when I rang about the CT scan - that I would also have an early thyroid function test. I was a bit concerned that, having lost 2.5 stone over the last three months, the amount of artificial thyroxine that I take could now be excessive. I wasn't due my regular test for another month. So today the very nice phlebotomist (yes, that's what you call those who draw blood) had to fill four separate containers to satisfy all those who wish to analyse mine.

This is another example of how the system treats one bit and disregards the rest, leaving me to use my own intelligence and knowledge to flag up possible issues. I may or may not have thyroid cancer so you'd think that there would be some interest in the function of my thyroid from the oncologist. But no, so far there is no indication that he's very interested in it. It seems that is still down to the GP. However tomorrow is another oncologist consultation and it's on my agenda to quiz him about it.

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