Thursday, 10 February 2011

Ebay day

Spent the morning setting the camera timer and dashing across the room to assume a model-type pose so that I could photograph myself in my enormous but much-treasured tent-like garments. It's not the best way to present something you're wanting to sell, but it has better results that taking pictures of things on hangers.

I'll be sad to see them go but I'm so looking forward to having so much more to choose from when I get back to regular charity shopping, and it would be good if my previous purchases funded my new ones. If you haven't discovered the joy of clothes shopping in charity shops or just don't like the idea, do think again. Don't be put off by dry-clean labels. You can usually wash successfully the most delicate of wools if you do it by hand, just use warm water and avoid any sudden changes in water temperatures. Don't ring or twist the fabric; gently squeeze it. The only fabrics that I've had trouble with and have shrunk are the viscoses - not all of them, but some to shrink and when they shrink they really shrink.

That leads me neatly into the rest of yesterday's story of clothes re-found. In my larger form I came across two lovely M&S jackets in charity shops. One was purple and so gorgeous that I didn't follow my own advice above but committed it to the dry cleaners after purchase and before wearing. The other one, red but from the same range, had cost me less (we're talking around £3 here) so I thought "what the hell" and hand washed it with care. Imagine my horror when it ended up two sizes too small. But .... yes, you can hear the but coming .... I just couldn't face getting rid of it so I had it stored, along with an Indian-style viscose top which had suffered a similar fate. And the good news is that yesterday I discovered that both garments fitted me fine.

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