Friday, 11 February 2011

Scan details

Several of you (especially the nurses) have asked what "good news" really means. Well the reason I didn't give more details in that scan post a few days ago is that I'd stupidly failed to ask for specific statistics on the lung area when the nurse rang. Of course, by the time I enquired again my file had been returned from whence it had come and she was unable to access the information.

But following a suggestion from a friend I called my GP - he's always happy to give me chapter and verse. He had access to the report and was able to tell me that the area of concern on my lung has shrunk - I calculate it (but maths was never my strong point) to 73% of the size it was. There's been a decline (presumably of unwelcome tissue) in the lymph node(s)(still not sure whether this is one or more)in my chest. There are no signs of anything untoward in my abdomen - that's liver, adrenal glands or kidneys - they're all clear. There's nothing new appearing on my lungs. Of course since then I've had another dose of treatment so I think we can safely assume that the current state of play is even better than it was at the time of the scan.

The big question about what's happening to my thyroid still remains unanswered because apparently the scan report didn't mention it (despite the radiographers being extremely careful to ensure they scanned that organ as they'd obviously received specific instructions).

I've been trying to write this post for a couple of days and have found it extremely difficult because when I try to explain it all precisely to you, I find I don't really understand it enough myself. So, Mr Oncologist, be prepared as our next session will probably last a lot longer than usual.

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