Friday, 6 May 2011

The day after

Today, the day after chemo, I feel a little bit like I would if I'd had an overdose of alchol last night. The brain is slightly less functional than usual, patience is rather short and my head is just a little heavy - that's all the side effects so far but then it is the first day.

Over the last five cycles I've managed to negotiate the constipation issue and manage the Lactulose doses so that long sessions viewing the inside door of the WC aren't necessary any longer (if you get my drift). That was certainly the worst bit of the first couple of cycles. The chemo and the sickness preventers do seem to muck about with the function of the alimentary canal.

Of course the weather helps me to feel food - it's glorious today, far too hot to be out in the sun I've discovered. So I've managed to do a few more little jobs one of which was to sort out my jewellery. Someone mentioned to me the other week a silversmith they still know, who used to work round here. Back in the 1970s I asked him to reset a stone from a ring, a topaz. I remember this particularly because he did it free on the grounds that I sang for free and he enjoyed my singing; therefore it was a fair exchange. Having been reminded of this I set about the unstructured mess of jewellery boxes and found it, cleaned it up and I'm now wearing it. It fits much better than it ever did.

On top of that I sold another two garments on ebay - it's amazing what people will buy. My buying totals are still under my selling totals for the last 30 days and I've just about bought everything I need in a smaller size now, so I might well come out of this with a profit since I've several garments still to sell and there are quite a few watchers on some of them.

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