Sunday, 1 May 2011

It is the first of May, for it is the first of May

And what a glorious day it is. We popped up to church for the 9.30 am service - with a lesson reader, two church wardens, choir of four, organist, and a couple in the congregation. I've now made my peace with the dear old CofE content in the knowledge that I'm unlikely to effect any great changes in its operations during my lifetime.

We were then treated to a tour of a neighbour's garden and coffee. This was quite unexpected and a delight and will shortly be followed by Sunday lunch with friends. I will take my branch of may (hawthorn) bedecked with some ribbons in celebration of this great day.

A branch of may I bring to you, and at your door it stands
It's nought but a sprout but it's well budded out
It's the work of the Lord's own hands.

(only this year it's not just a sprout well-budded out, but branch in the fullest of blossom)

May I wish everyone a very happy first of May and every sort of fertility that you would wish. :)

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