Sunday, 22 May 2011

What a bed!

Franc's bed is soooooo big - I had to put out a hand in the night to check hubby was still there too! We had a wonderful night's sleep - our first in the van - on our friends' drive. Goodness knows what their neighbours thought was going on.

Today we've been studying the manuals - there's so much to learn and work out - but I think we're nearly there. Our dear friends gave us an enormous solar panel which they'd had for their caravan and now no longer use so when we park up for days at a time we won't be running the leisure battery down too far.

I'm trying to resist making the list for the weekend just yet. I'll have to amend my standard things-that-I-take-camping list quite considerably. Already I've identified one thing that could easily have been left out: the maypole (oh well, the extendible extra tent pole then), which would normally travel with the rest of the tent poles. I've refurbished the maypole ribbons - they're all new - but they wouldn't have been much use without the pole.

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