Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Whoopeee! - it ws meant to be

Today had a lovely drive down the A34, over the South Downs and almost to Portsmouth. We met a delightful lady who gave us a couple of hours of her time showing us round her Romahome Dimension. Just as I had speculated the other day when we lost the one at the dealer's, this is the answer to everything.

It's slightly older and a bit cheaper (which is exactly what I was hoping for) but still with only 16K on the clock! Rather than describe it - here's a typical model. All that and only 15.5 feet long - that's 4.7 metres in European money. So small I might even drive it myself sometimes!

I'm terribly excited and so is hubby. We just have to sort out payment and collection and then the UK's our oyster. Nice.

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