Thursday, 5 May 2011

'Twas not meant to be

I was hoping to feel good enough to take a look at the Romahome in Reading tomorrow but sadly it's been sold already. Maybe we should have just taken a flyer and bought it over the phone before anyone else could get a look in. On the other hand another one will likely turn up. It may well be older and therefore cheaper and we might in all probability be so glad we missed this one. There is also an upside to this tale - our youngest daughter is using us as a delivery address for a baby buggy which we only found out will arrive here tomorrow and I was wondering how we'd manage a trip to Berkshire at the same time.

On a completely different note, my Google Alert for the name of the village in which I live in has turned up the Islamic Society Of North America's calculations for prayer times here which I am delighted to tell you are, for today 5 May: Fajr 04.10, Sunrise 05.26, Zohar 12.59, Asar 18.11, Magrib 20.33, Isha 21:50 - all these calculations are based on the Asar Calculation Method: Hanafi. Well you live and learn.

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