Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I love Franc

He's here, we're collected him today and he's just wonderful. He's really mine but I could see that by the time my hubby had driven him home, he'd falled in love with our Romahome too. It's the incredibly creative design - every nook and cranny is cleverly utilised - that gives Franc (named after his registration number) his appeal.

We had an easy journey both down, nearly to the south coast, and back again. The lovely lady who sold Franc to us was so worried when we got there because he refused to start. This had probably been caused by a bit of sitting around for the winter and one or two short bursts of ignition as he was moved in and out of his parking space. She had even spring-cleaned him for us, although he seemed perfectly clean when we saw him a week ago. I felt quite sad for her when we took him away. Owners of motorhomes can develop strong emotional attachments to them - I think it's a bit like selling your house.

It's intended that we take Franc to visit some friends on Saturday and that we will stay our first night in him on their drive. Quite a soft option I know, but it will give us a chance to put the seats down and make up the bed and all that that entails before it really matters the weekend after when we're off to our first camp of the season. It's soooo exciting!

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  1. Can't wait to meet Franc at FC - any chance you might swop him for a freezing zip up nylon thing?