Tuesday, 29 March 2011


I've had the twinge back under my shoulder blade the last week or so and that led me to think that when we visited the clinic again today it wouldn't be good news. I'd even started to research alternative treatments so that I could have a plan in place for when the NHS has written me off.

Today however it was nothing but good news. Firstly we saw (probably - but I didn't ask) a registrar, who had been given the task of running the consultant's clinic as both he and his sidekick are away. She was delightful, engaging and most informative. She'd clearly read the notes in advance and was fully prepared. In terms of satisfaction for a meeting with an oncologist she scored 100%!

The scan result showed a decrease in the size of my tumour since the last scan of an amazing 50% - which was the figure the consultant quoted last week as constituting a spectacular decrease. He'd made it clear he wasn't expecting such a result but had left instructions in that eventuality for more chemo. There has also been a reduction in the lymph glands too. No report on the thyroid so I think we'll stop bothering about that. They picked up some bone sclerosis on my hip which had obviously been around since the first scan but not been noticed before. As there could be any number of causes for that, I'm not going to bother about that either.

It was proposed that I have another dose tomorrow, but I haven't been on the folic acid for a week. I checked with the chemo suite and they said I must delay the next cycle so that I can get seven days of folic acid in the system first. It all fits in rather nicely with a load of commitments I've made for this week.

And that's not all the good news. I've been trawling Ebay for pre-used size 16 long blue jeans - to no available. But a trip around some charity shops today netted not only some really cool fitting jeans in the right size but a rather snazzy striped top too. This is one happy bunny!


  1. Fantastic news Sue. Thinking of you often

  2. I second that comment. Brilliant news :o)
    Does that mean you'll be able to get to Cardiff after all?

  3. That's brilliant, Sue, so glad about the scan (and the communicative oncologist). Wonderful!

  4. we 3rd that comment :) :) :)