Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sparkling then snookered

I've definitely got my sparkle back today; in fact a friend said exactly that. It got even better when I received more flowers and an unexpected visit. To top it all my hubby burst through the door, back from a successful shopping trip, with yet more blooms though his were purloined from a forsythia shurb overhanging a highway. ('Purloinen' is from Middle English and means to remove. It's also found in Anglo-Norman as 'purloigner' and has Latin derivatives meaning 'away' and 'long'.)

Those of you who aren't familiar with hubby need not worry; he loves shopping; he wouldn't do it if he didn't. He never volunteers for ironing. So I feel not a shred of guilt that in this forty-plus years marriage he's always done the shopping.

From all this you'll gather that things were going quite well today, that is until my next scan appointment duly landed on the doormat. The big problem is that it's scheduled for the day after my next appointment with the consultant, at which we are supposed to discuss the scan results and the next phase of treatment. Since diagnosis I've been issued with booklets about all sorts of things but it won't surprise you to know that none of them covers this eventuality. Oh well, it all makes work for my liaison nurse to do. I reckon Flanders and Swann could have had a field day: "Twas on a Wednesday morning that the nurse she got a call ......."

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  1. So glad Sue that Andy does the shopping. I too have Nigel who does our shopping and ironing even though he reminds me that the ironing board my grandad made many years ago is a wee bit to low. I have to say that it is Nigel who is a wee bit too high and that Grandad must have known I would never grow over the 5ft threshhold. I feel no guilt either, it is as it should be. I think that although the appointment system seems a little askew it does of course enable you to keep the liason nurse busy. Enjoy the sunshine of the day, Julie x