Monday, 14 March 2011

Sunshine rules OK!

What wonderful weather. I dozed for 45 minutes after lunch in full sun and decided in the end that I should come inside because I didn't want to overdo it. I have lovely little sunshine roses in my cheeks. We're only a week away from the spring equinox. If you think about it, today's strength and length of sunshine corresponds with what we might expect at the end of September - so it's hardly surprising that it's so lovely and strong.

A friend sent me today a load of information on Vitman D. It's now acknowledged that we need sunlight. Actually I've never been in doubt about that, preferring to listen to my skin's opinion on the amount I should receive rather than plaster myself with goodness knows what. Reason tells us - if we care to listen - that homo sapiens has evolved in sunlight and anything which has been a constant component of our existence during our millions of years of evolution must of necessity be essential to healthy life. It's just plain common sense. And while we're talking about common sense, bearing in mind I'm looking for a project, I wonder if it's time I realised a great ambition of mine - to establish the Campaign for the Re-establishment of Common Sense (no, that isn't a mnemonic - sorry).

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  1. I would definitely join the Campaign for the Re-establishment of Common Sense.