Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sun, bees and nuthatch

Well the sun's out again and I'm feeling so much better. I expect there are bees flying again and I've just seen the nuthatch. But my Reiki session yesterday revealed that once again I'm not looking forward enough. Yes, I've got the summer sorted and can almost smell that fresh crushed grass and canvas in warm sun as we set up at a folk camp. But beyond that I have to admit I'm having a problem imagining next winter. This one has been so cold, so negative in so many ways - although I am by no means depressed - that I just don't want to contemplate shortening days, not yet anyway.

My Reiki practitioner suggested that I concentrate envisaging my granddaughter's wedding or something really far off. Hm - those who know my granddaughter will understand how difficult that one is going to be! I think what I need is some monumentally large project, something really big which stretches into the far future. Any ideas?

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  1. I never contemplate shortening days, not until they are upon us. Then I console myself by building a fire :o)
    Caveman - who, me?