Thursday, 10 March 2011

Grime of ages

I forgot to mention to you that earlier in the week during the grot phase I actually did a little domestic job. I investigated the accummulating pile of tablets and veterinary cures on the shelf in the kitchen. As a result I more than halved it and a local chemist has now taken delivery of the residue, some of which dated back nearly 20 years! It was a liberating experience and today I've carried on the crusade in the same rather grimey area of the kitchen which contains odd useful things and recipe books.

Of course when you start moving things about you start discovering the filth. So today's task was to decorate the wall around the shelves and to clean and varnish them. The worst bit of this clean up was trying to get fatty dust of recipe books - yuk - but they're done now and I'm waiting for them to dry off before I reorganise the area. Hubby's slightly nervous about all this moving things around. Will he ever be able to find anything again?

Oh and before I go, a nurse rang me back and she's reorganised the consultant's appointment for a week later. It appears there's no chance of having the scan earlier. It is good news really because it means I'll be really well and truly over the chemo by then and I get another week of being able to please myself about what I do and where I go.

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