Saturday, 26 March 2011

I still bounce

Can you believe it, still March but it's warm enough to sit out and soak up the sun and feel that Vitamin D. I've done a fair amount of that today. Another couple of square metres of kitchen have been completed; in fact I've finished the kitchen and am now encroaching on the dining room and that's going to be a big job.

That task was followed by relieving some poor old pot-bound plants and allowing them to stretch their legs. I then stretched mine and accompanied hubby on a walk to the next village - three or four miles in all I guess. Tripping en route and falling onto my nose, chin, breastbone and knees proved that I still bounce. I got the feeling that my red bloods cell count is not quite up to normal as some of the gentle rises felt a bit tough but it's early days yet. Time to eat a bit more liver and steak I think.

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