Thursday, 31 March 2011

Role reversal and biotics

It had to happen. My hubby's been a taxi driver recently taking me from and to appointments in a neighbouring town. The tables were turned yesterday when he had a couple of teeth extracted. I insisted on driving him and to and from the dentist's and I've been dispensing oodles of sympathy since. It does make you very aware of the problems that those without cars and without partners must have when accessing NHS services these days. It's all very well consolidating services to become centres of excellence, but those centres should really be at the hub of public transport.

Today I've been for a consultation with a nutritionist - not one that I might get on the NHS, but privately. I spent about two hours with her, talking through my current diet which she analysed for balance. Despite what I think is an incredibly healthy diet it turns out it's not really balanced and there are some actions I need to take. Once all the chemo's out of the way there are other things I can do too - like giving my digestive system a jolt with some pro-biotics. I thought I knew most of it but it turns out there is so much more to learn. My nutritionist is now going to write me a long report detailing everything she told me and then it's down to me.

How am I? People keep asking that and it's a very difficult to respond because I feel better than I have in many years. It was similarly difficult to answer that health question in the census. The weight loss, having reached a plateau is now continuing very slowly - which is good because I'm still trying to come to terms with having a size 16 bum!

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